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Who is VietAsia Travel?

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, VIETASIA TRAVEL is an International Tour Operator for inbound and outbound travel in Vietnam founded in 2009. We are an industry leader in small group travel to VietnamLaosCambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. We provide quality experiences by: Delivering what we sell. Our office staffs and guides are part of the same team. We provide personalized service from the point of sale to the conclusion of the tour. Expert Knowledge: Our VIETASIA TRAVEL Company is staffed by professional guides with an intimate knowledge of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Designing and delivering tour programs for international tour operators, special interest groups and corporations.

Our International Tour Operator Licence #: 01-456/2018/TCDL-GP LHQT granted by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Here is the licence copy: 

Business Licence's copy: 

Who need and who do not need a visa to Vietnam?
What should I do to have a good trip and how can I save money?
Can I have a tailor-made tour?
When is the best time to visit Vietnam?
How safe is Vietnam?
How can I book a tour?
Do I face language problems? Can I get by speaking English?
Can I use mobile phone in Vietnam and in other Southeast Asia country?
Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?
Where can I exchange currency?
Is it better to use dollars or dong for daily expenses?
What should I pack before going to Vietnam?
What are the World Heritages in Vietnam?
How about tipping in Vietnam? When should we tip?
Do you have any suggestion about giving gifts?
What sort of souvenirs are available to bring home?
Can I rent a bike and ride myself?
Can I drive a car in Vietnam?
Can the driver speak English and act as a guide?
We have Life insurance; do we need to buy Travel insurance?
How do I pay?
Are there any special advantages in buying tickets in advance online?
Once I have booked, can I amend my booking?
I have booked a tour with my relative's credit card; however the voucher says "Client must carry the transaction card on the day of travel". What are my options in this situation?
I have booked on-line. How do I get my ticket/voucher?
Are there any hidden costs, which are not mentioned? Any tipping required?
Who is my guide?
How about transportation?
What is the time difference?
Any recommendations for eating in Vietnam?
What kind of currencies should you recommend?