Mekong Cruises Laos

Mekong Cruises Laos

The Mekong is the artery of life in Laos: a trading route, a source of food and water, and a social center for the settlements along its banks. Known locally as The Mother of Waters, the Mekong river has been venerated and worshiped for thousands of years.Join us on a luxury Mekong river cruise in Laos, a vibrant tapestry of spectacular scenery and intriguing rituals. It's home to ..More

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Vat Phou Cruise

Excellent 5.0 | 4 reviews
12 cabins - Launched in 2009

Mekong Pearl Cruise

No reviews

Hot Deals

15 cabins - Launched in 2017

Mekong Sun Cruise

No reviews

Hot Deals

14 cabins - Launched in 2006

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Shompoo Cruise

Excellent 5.0 | 6 reviews
0 - Launched in 2011

Anouvong Cruise

Excellent 5.0 | 5 reviews
10 cabins - Launched in 2019

Luang Say Cruise

Excellent 5.0 | 7 reviews
0 - Launched in 2009