Laos Overview

Laos is one of the few Communist countries left in the world. Until 1988 tourists were not allowed access to Laos, but the country has now opened up and it is perfectly feasible to travel all over the country, preferably with a recognized tour company, although plenty of backpackers do it independently. The number of tourists is expected to continue increasing over the next few years as more and more people discover the delights of this laid-back country of mountains and rivers. For now, Laos remains relatively isolated and undeveloped. Its capital, Vientiane, is more like a big village than a crowded Asian hub and life throughout the country is slow-paced. Most people come to Laos and make a brief tour of Vientiane and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Luang Prabang with perhaps a brief detour to the mysterious Plain of Jars. But those who make the effort to explore further afield will be well rewarded with luscious landscapes, friendly people and unique glimpses of a country hardly changed for over a century.  

Fast facts:

Location: South-East Asia.

Time: GMT + 7.

Area: 236,800 sq km (91,400 sq miles).

Population: ~7.26 million (2020).

Capital: Vientiane.


Laos is a landlocked country bordered to the north by China, to the east by Vietnam, to the south by Cambodia, and to the west by Thailand and Myanmar. Apart from the Mekong River plains, along the border of Thailand the country is mountainous, particularly in the north, and in places is densely forested.


The official language is Lao, however, many tribal languages are also spoken. French, Vietnamese and some English are spoken.


The majority of the Lao people are Buddhists. The Laos-Lum (Valley Laos) people follow the Hinayana (Theravada) form of Buddhism. The religions of the Laos-Theung (Laos of the mountain tops) range from traditional Confucianism to animism and Christianity.


230 volts AC, 50Hz.

Social Conventions

Religious beliefs should be respected. Lao people should not be touched on the head. Handshaking is not that usual; Lao people greet each other with their palms together and a slight bowing of the head. Take care when discussing politics and related subjects in conversation so as not to cause offence. Shorts or revealing clothes are not always acceptable. It is a legal requirement to carry an ID document or a passport, and fines for not having one for presentation on demand can be high. The Lao government prohibits sexual relationships, including sexual contact between foreign citizens and Lao nationals, except when the two parties have been married in accordance with Lao family law. Penalties for failing to register a relationship range from fines to imprisonment. 

These Laos tours and Laos itineraries are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in Laos, and they showcase some of the routes that we’ve found work particularly well. Treat them simply as inspiration, because your trip will be created uniquely for you by one of our specialists based on your particular tastes and interests.

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Do you need a visa to visit Laos?

=> Visitors to Laos must obtain a visa from one of the Laotian diplomatic missions or online unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or qualify for visa on arrival. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

Can you get Laos visa on arrival?

=> The Lao government issues 30-day tourist visas on arrival at all international airports and most international border crossings. The whole process is very straightforward. You need between US$30 and US$42 in cash, one passport-sized photo and the name of a hotel or guesthouse.

How long do you need in Laos?

=> 10 days to two weeks is an ideal time to spend in Laos on an introductory trip. The three stops are very well worn stops for the average backpacking tourist and you'll find loads to do. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it enough to make a return trip and visit some more out of the way places.

What should I pack for Laos?

=> Clothing, Footwear and Accessories. T-Shirts, Short and Other Light Clothing – Laos is warm and sunny most of the year, meaning you'll want to pack t-shirts, shorts and other summer clothing. Since laundry services are cheap and readily available, four to five days worth of clothing is ideal.

Why should I visit Laos?

=> From Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, steamy Jungles to the mighty Mekong; Laos is just so dang naturally beautiful from every angle. ... Then there's the Mekong River, which winds its way through some pretty exotic and fascinating areas, like the 4000 Islands and Don Det.

What is the best time of year to visit Laos?

=> The small, landlocked country of Laos is best visited between October and April, when the weather's warm and dry throughout. River travel is best between November and January, when high water levels make passage easy along Laos' main waterway, the Mekong River. 

What are the seasons in Laos?

=> Laos has two main seasons, the rainy season which runs between May and October, and the dry season which lasts from November till April. The latter can be further divided depending on the average temperatures.

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Here are our inspired Laos Tours and Itineraries for you. 

Hotel in Laos

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Luang Prabang Night Market

Luang Prabang night market is something not to be missed when visiting this charming city. It is an amazing sight and offers the most extensive collection of handicrafts in the country and other...

General Information

Vientiane, capital city of Laos

Vientiane is the capital and largest city of Laos, on the banks of the Mekong River near the border with Thailand. Vientiane became the capital in 1563 due to fears of a Burmese invasion but was...


Savannakhet is Laos’s third-largest city after Vientiane and Luang Prabang, and the surrounding area that makes up Savannakhet province. It is stretching from the Mekong River to the...


Town of Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Its...

The Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars is a group of fields containing thousands of stone jars cut out from rock thousands of years ago. The sites are located around the city of Phonsavan in Xiangkhouang province,...

Travel Tips

Dos and Don'ts on travelling Laos

It is important to know about your dos and don's in Laos if you are travelling to this country, either for a short visit or for a longer stay. Laotians are hospitable, friendly and...

Secrets for backpacking travel

If you are crazy on backpacking travel, discovering new destinations to have more experiences, Laos is the ideal choice due to low cost and simple procedure.

Top Attractions

Tourist attractions in Vientiane

Vientiane is the capital city of Lao, a country known as a kingdom of Lan Xang Hom Khao (Million Elephants and White Parasols). The Laotian capital offers amazing Buddhist art, graceful temples...

Wat Xayaphoum Temple

Wat Xayaphoum Temple was built in 1542, the same period of Ban Thahir or Nakham. It is the center of the local Buddhist people with arts and architecture dating from the original Savannakhet. This...

Travel Experiences

Laos-China Railway from Vientiane to Kunming

From 3 December 2021 there is a new railway route between Vientiane and Luang Prabang as a part of the longer Laos-China Railway from Vientiane to Kunming. You can travel from Vientiane to...

Attractive activities in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a small city full of character and charm. There are just so many things to do in Luang Prabang. Being the first UNESCO site listed in the country of Laos, the town offers a...

Food Culture

5 must-try cuisines in Laos

In Laos, food is the most important activity throughout the day. It is often the topic of many conversations, especially when eating and sharing dishes between friends and family. Additionally,...

Larb (meat salad)

Larb is one of the most famous dish in Laos which is regarded as the "unofficial" national dish of this country. It is a spicy mixture of marinated meat or fish that is sometimes raw (prepared...