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Authentic, untouched and dripping in culture, Cambodia will open your eyes to a whole new way of living and being. As we journey through this Southeast Asian country, you’ll discover this country’s allure in its quiet rice fields, mysterious monuments and shy smiles. From UNESCO World Heritage-listed cities and ancient towns to unique foods and fragrant markets, Cambodia is one of a kind. Modern culture shines through a history that cannot be overlooked. Discover the blend of traditional and contemporary, learn of ancient empires and wander the buzzing marketplaces of local towns, where local handicrafts share pieces of cultural. Together, we’ll explore the amazing culture that drives the country and find out why more and more travellers are venturing to this corner of the world. Between gold dusted temples, monks in saffron robes and an oversized crimson sun, the glow of Cambodia will warm you to the very core.

Book your Cambodia tours with VietAsia Travel and discover the blend of traditional and contemporary, learn of ancient empires and wander the local towns.

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When is the best time to visit Cambodia?

The best month to visit Cambodia depends on the temperature you prefer and what you plan to do during your visit.

The dry season is between November and April. November is popular with many tourists as the temperatures are cooler at around 25°C. It’s a great time to visit if you want to stroll around the plentiful monuments, markets and temples as it’s less crowded. It’s also the month that the Cambodian Water Festival usually takes place. It’s traditionally celebrated over three days with concerts and boat races in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia is also busy in December and January, but it’s dry and a perfect time for visiting the southern islands. Temperatures begin to rise in March and April to 30°C or more. In March and April, it can be particularly humid for sightseeing. Khmer New Year is celebrated in April, and it’s one of Cambodia’s most significant festivals.

For some visitors, the rainy season between May and October can be their favourite time of year as it’s less crowded and the surrounding countryside is green and picturesque.

What should I do to have a good Cambodia trip?

If you wish to have a pleasant trip and free of care, no way is better than traveling through a tour company like us. You just only tell us your requirements, your interests, your trip’s budget; we will arrange for you a good trip. Your main task is now: Enjoy your mean time with experience real Vietnam by your own way. You do not have to lose time for finding transportation to go somewhere you want; you do not have to spend time on finding hotel rooms to stay, restaurant to eat, think of where to visit and how to know the best about that place?

In fact, some tourists have face with many troubles relate to the above elements because they are strangers in a strange country. That takes them lots of time and makes their trip unmemorable.

However, you can save money because when you use the packaged services, the cost is not as high as detail services. And if you book hotel rooms, then transportation, then tour guide, and eat yourselves…the total cost is much higher than packaged services.

 Why Should You Take our Cambodia Private Tours?

1.  Personalized Itinerary

You'll get a flexible trip plan tailored to your interests, needs and budget. While we suggest a plan, it's you who decides where to go, when to start, where to live, and how long to stay there.

2.  Hand-Picked Hotels & Restaurants

You can choose the accommodation and food that suit your tastes.

3.Private Local Guides

Local guides in a Cambodia private tour only get your needs focused, and have enough time to answer all your questions.

4.  Private Vehicle & Driver

You'll travel in a private car, spacious and comfortable, with your driver who is always ready to escort you to the next destination.

5.  Affordable Price

Cambodia Private tours can be available at a reasonable price while ensuring quality. As the trip is planned around your needs and interests, no money will be wasted on things you don’t want to do or see.

6.  Worry-Free Vacation

Leave all the hassle of the organization to us and enjoy the quality time with your family or friends. We’ll offer you all the help you need for the trip.

Here are our inspired Cambodia Tours and Itineraries for you. 

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