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Thailand is endless, from lush rainforests and tropical wildlife, to sugary beaches and magical waterfalls. Ancient ruins sit next to glittering temples, while floating markets lead to sizzling street food stalls. A Thailand holiday with VietAsia Travel will take you from the hill-tribe villages of Chiang Mai, to the crumbling ruins of Ayutthaya, and to the technicolour reefs of Phuket. We’ll navigate the vibrant flower markets of Bangkok, cruise the Chao Phraya River on an antique rice barge, and cross the historic Bridge over the River Kwai. Known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, you’ll relish the friendly Thais and their relaxed approach to life, often expressed with the phrase ‘sabai sabai’. You’ll find your own tranquility as we practice T’ai Chi with locals, relax on the Phuket shoreline, learn how to cook delicious Thai cuisine, and meet a Buddhist monk in a golden temple.

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Is it safe to travel to Thailand? 

=> Yes! Tons of travelers visit Thailand every year, and all the popular destinations are perfectly safe. While there have been conflicts in the southern regions, they don’t have any effect on safety in the rest of the country. 

If you’re visiting a major city, the biggest concerns are petty theft and public transportation scams—talk to a local to learn the best ways to keep your belongings and money secure. 

Do I need a visa to go to Thailand? 

=> No—unless you plan on staying for a long time. According to the U.S. Embassy in Thailand, your passport will need to be valid for at least the next 6 months after you arrive, and you’ll need a blank page for an immigration stamp. That stamp is your visa to stay up to 30 days!

If you’re planning on staying more than 30 days in Thailand, you can apply for a tourist visa before you leave—you’ll need to do that in person at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the U.S. 

Do I need any special vaccinations? 

=> Yes. If you’re not already vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid, we recommend doing it before you leave—it’s just the safest way to make sure you don’t get seriously sick while you’re traveling. 

If you’re traveling with babies or young kids, make sure they’ve had all their routine vaccinations before you go. 

Is it safe to drink the water in Thailand? 

=> We don’t recommend drinking water straight out of the tap. It might carry bacteria that could give you some nasty food poisoning—no one wants to spend their whole trip in front of the toilet, right? 

Boiled or purified drinking water is fine, or you can stick to bottled water just to be safe. In most restaurants the ice is made from purified water, but you can always ask just to be sure before you order a drink on the rocks. 

What kind of adapter will I need for my electronics? 

=> Thailand uses socket types A, C, F and O—those accommodate both American and European style plugs, plus one unique to Thailand. Because they use multiple types of sockets, we recommend getting a universal adapter for your phone or laptop charger. You’ll also need to buy a voltage converter—they use 220V electricity in Thailand (here in the US, we use 120V). You can get an adapter and voltage converter online or in most travel goods stores.

What is the best month to go to Thailand?

=> Thailand is a great year-round destination, but the best weather is usually between November and April. The climate varies between the east and the west coast. September brings the heaviest rainfall on the west coast, while the east coast gets its highest rainfall in November.

Should I carry cash to Thailand?

=> When travelling in Thailand, you'll need cash for paying in markets, for tuk-tuks (autos), songthaews (local buses) and at the street food joint you badly want to try out. ... If you have apprehensions on carrying so much cash on you, then carry at least cash required for 2-3 days of your stay there.

What is best currency to take to Thailand?

=> You will get your best exchange rate in Thailand. There is NO reason to bring any Thai baht with you to Thailand! Stores and hotels usually have a lower exchange rate than the many bank money changers. My preference is to keep a credit card for emergencies and use cash, travelers checks and debit cards in Thailand.

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