Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Frix In Hanoi

The most prestigious motor racing – Grand Prix in Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam. For sports enthusiasts and tourists to Vietnam during this time, it is definitely the greatest thrill of all. But what to expect in such a historical event? And how to prepare for the one of a kind experience?

There are four countries to co-host the Grand Prix including Singapore, Monaco, Azerbaijan, and Vietnam. Due to the long-term strategy to attract larger groups of the audience all over the world, the director of the International Automobile Federation, the organization to hold the contest, decided to take further steps to the East, especially the Southeast Asia region.

Besides Singapore, one of the most developed economies worldwide, Vietnam is also a fast-developing country, especially emerging in tourism. The Grand Prix in Hanoi promises to bring about thousands of tourists to cherish the event and enjoy the ancient vibe of the city.

The motor circuit in Hanoi will start from My Dinh Sports Complex, the second-largest stadium in Vietnam in terms of capacity. The racers then enter a 5,500 km track proposed to go to the west of the city. It is said to “create a unique hybrid layout, fusing a street ‘circuit’s characteristics with a permanent countryside track layout within the confines of the “city’s topography.”

All Ticket Class Of Grand Prix

From the mid-July, all three types of tickets have been on sales. 

General Admission starts at 700.000 VND, approximately 30 USD, will be the most ideal for those who are really into the heat of the most prestigious race on the planet. At a reasonable price, you and friends can enjoy the weekend and create unforgettable moments at the Grand Prix first held in Vietnam.

General Admission tickets offer the ultimate flexibility to catch the race from a variety of viewing points. You have access to all area around the circuit with a multitude of entertainment such as music festival, exhibitions. The downside is no seat will be provided. So, if you want to have a clear view of the race track, ‘it’s better-off making early check-in and looking for a good position. If you ‘can’t, there are a lot of large LED screens for you to watch the race. 

Grandstand tickets are “the best seats in the house” because you can witness every action on track of the world’s great race. This is the best option for those who are passionate about speed sports. Not only equipped with comfortable seats with extremely favorable views, but the Grandstand tickets also offer multiple choices for customers with three different ticket classes, including the Premium, the Standard, and the Free Admission. The Grandstand ticket in different turning points of the race track also has different price. The fee ranges from 1,560,000 VND to 9,090,000 VND, which means one-day pass can have the lowest cost at less than $70.

With the starting price at 19,740,000, approximately $870, Hospitality tickets are the most advanced type, offering a luxurious experience and a perfect choice to show the ticket ‘holder’s status. Hospitality class is divided into three subclasses: Diamond Suite, Platinum Club Champion, and Gold Lounge. Buying Hospitality tickets, you will have a separate area to view the race circuit with high-class facilities. Hospitality ticket holders will receive the 5-star standard for the elite, relish the cuisine from the famous chefs, immerse in the unique entertainment activities as well as enjoy the ultimate privilege.

Grand Prix Schedule in 2021 : to be updated soon

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